Thursday, June 05, 2014

If Michaelangelo's David lived near Domino's ...

The museum at the Heritage Plantation where Rachel and I spent an hour and a half Tuesday afternoon has a display of "Wicked plants".
All the usual suspects were there and many more -- like eggplant and mangoes both of which have some toxins that most of us aren't susceptible to.  It was multimedia and geared toward grade school kids but we enjoyed it. The one docent on duty was very happy to have visitors to talk to.  She said this mini statue of David is the most photographed.  I can see why. Imagine this guy in jeans with the belt quite low and a tee shirt stretched over tha paunch.  He would even cover his beautiful curls with a worn-backwards baseball cap.  If David looked like this, imgine the weight on Goliath.

As you see, the caption is "high fructose corn syrup" -- I think most of that fat came from pizza and Big Macs and lots of fries with catsup but he also drank huge amounts of soda. 

I just read that the country with the most obesity is England -- I find that hard to believe when I walk around the mall.  The same article said that China also now has an obesity problem.  Every country with a fast food mentality has the problem (China doesn't seem to have the fast food strips that nearly all our cities have, but they have always had the street venders frying all kind of things.  It doesn't take much money to spend the day snacking.

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