Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Finished: A Modern Quilt

I find "modern" quilts refreshing -- the white backgrounds, the bright colors, the simple shapes.  After all the pieced quilts with elaborate appliqued borders and fussy quilting, I love he simplicity of the quilts that are being called "Modern".  I didn't know I was making one, in fact.  This pattern of
"'picture frames" (for want of whatever it's name might be) was a Swap-bot challenge. I think four or five of the sets of four in this quilt were not made by me. At first I thought it was too fussy to make, but then I realized it was really fairly quick and easy so I made enough for bed quilt.  It's been pieced and partly quilted for a few months. Now with summer on the cusp I wanted something bright and light on the bed so I finished it.  And I like it.  Maybe there'll be another modern quilt in my future.

Often even the "modern" quilters do a lot of quilting -- or send their quilts to long arm quilters. I am too frugal to spend that kind of money and too lazy to do the complex machine quilting that requires a skill I don't have and an amount of sewing space I don't have, including more "deep throat" on my sewing machine.  So I quilted it simply and I'm satisfied. It adds a summer feel to my small bedroom.


barbara cecelia said...

Your quilt is like a breeze from the ocean -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thank, Barbara, it makes me feel that way when I see it.