Sunday, December 01, 2013

Sniffle, sneeze ....

Coming down with a cold is a bummer. Sniffle, sneeze, cough. The head seems to be all stuffy sinuses.  I don't get a full blown cold very often but I've got one now.  I'm about 30 hours into it; I figure the running nose will end in the next 12 or 20 hours and then it'll be a cough for a few days.

Of course this is a most inconvenient time.  That's how colds happen, when you're thinking of all the things you want to do in the next week.  I am not one to go to bed with a cold.  I tend it with chicken soup, teas of various kinds and when the cough gets bad with Robitusin. 

I have litle patience for the people who think a cold is a permission slip for them to cancel everything they have to do and lounge in bed, napping and reading and listening to their favorite music.  I've always thought these physical problems were to be worked though.  But a certain amount of pampering is allowed, like going to bed at 8:00 last night, lulled into somnolence by a long hot bubble bath.  In fact, I may give myself the very same license this evening. Big deal. There's nothing earth shaking I need to get done -- although I really must get the chipped old nail polish off  and put on some nice new polish.  A cold isn't an excuse to be slovenly.  So it goes. As they say, if you treat a cold with all the remedies available you can get rid of it in about a week; if you do nothing it'll run it's course in about seven days. 

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