Monday, August 19, 2013

More International Quilts

Three more favorite quilts from the International Mancusco Quilt Show in Manchester, Vermont which I saw last Thursday.  The purple cow at the top was my all around favorite -- just because it was so much fun to look at.  This is not a cartoon cow.  This is a very real cow, except she's purple. It's the quilt I came home saying, "I wish I'd done that"

The bear is especially wonderful and something I know I could never do. The title is "Fishing Hole" and it's by Barbara McKie, an art quilter whose career I've watched for many years.  The bear and much of the water are tread painted.  She is wonderfully skilled at thread painting.  She had also a delightful quilt with  nine different scenes of a squirrel at a bird feeder. It was also in last year's show and I didn't get a decent photo of it so I'm not showing it.  I probably think it's even more fun than the purple cow.

The bottom quilt is an experiment if design and fabric that I think worked beautifully. It has the pleasure of feeling like an improvization although it may have been carefully thought out.  Putting it on plain black background make the colors and pattern pop and the yellow strips give the feeling that it is more than an improv; it's a well planned piece of art.

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Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

The waterfall in that bear one is magnificent. I think thread painting is so beautiful to look at. Much talent!!.