Friday, August 16, 2013

Mancusco International Quilt Show, Manchester, VT

The International Quilt Show is my favorite -- except for  Quilt National which is way out in Athens, Ohio and which I haven't seen for several years.  This is a Mancsco show that travels to 6 or 8 venues in the US and is truly international.  There are many American quilts but also (each year a different balance of) quilts from other countries. Japan is always well represented and the Japanese craftsmanship is probably the best in the world -- and they are creative too!  There were wonderful groups of quilts from Germany, Israel, Australia, Canada, England and, as always, fascinatingly different quilts from South Africa.  Here are some of my pictures. I'll input more tomorrow also.
The rhinoceros is rendered real, although it is not photograhic - this is what art can do!  I'd love to live with this ancient looking beast in my living room. This quilt was called "Tiptoe-ing into the Future."

The raven photo didn't photograph as vividly as I wished, but I found bird and Chinese "chops" an evocative quilt.

I photographed the circles because I'm working on a circle quilt although quite different, but the fringe-y method of sewing them together is fascinating.  I'm thinking of making a quilt of 5x5 squares (no circles) that will be reversible and this might be a good way to put them together. One side would be very textured and the other would not be textured. That interests me. Besides it would be easy.

I didn't take time to note down the quilters' names, which I should have done, but I was lazy.  Apologies all around -- to quilters and viewers.

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zippiknits said...

The last big show that I went to was the Santa Clara International show sometime in the late 90's or early 21st century. But some of the quilts were unforgettable.

I love that out of whack log cabin. It looks like fun to do.