Friday, August 02, 2013

A dramatic quilt

The Bayberry Guild's annual show is up and running. I have only two small quilts in it this year: the woven quilt I posted here a couple of months ago and a quilt for the challenge.  I don't have a photo yet so I'll leave that for couple of days. 

I'm getting a little jaded about traditional quilts and did not enjoy the show as much as it probably deserved because a great deal of the workmanship was excellent.  The quilt pictured here is very simple, indeed. Strip pieced triangles are arranged in diamonds and separated by plain black.  It is exactly the kind of scrap quilt I like best -- very, very scrappy,  very simple in design and very dramatic over all.  I feel inspired to make one similar to this -- it would be impossible to make a copy of it and I wouldn't want to, of course. I have plenty of scapes in many colors and designs.

I took a few other photos, partly to remember a quilting design  and because one had extensive hand embroidery.

Besides this one I am inspired by a couple of second hand books I picked up with paper piecing designs. I really love quilt shows but I  prefer a lot of art quilting and, as always and everywhere, that is rare. 

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