Sunday, August 04, 2013

More Bright Quilts from the Bayberry Show

I should apologize to the makers of these quilts for not noting their names -- but I didn't.

The top left is a "Stack and Whack" quilt and she named it "Because it's so much fun."  Which is exactly how I feel about Bethany Reynold's trademarked technique when I can find an appropriate fabric as was found for this quilt.  The patterns that appear a you sew are always a bit surprising and always delight me. The fabric on the border is the one from which all those whirligigs were cut.  And the various background blocks for the whirligigs are well chosen.

The other two seem a great deal alike but they ARE different in their own way.  These, too, I find wonderful fun to make.  As in the top one, they work best when they are all about the same clear hue.  When one begins mixing too many prints with too many colors in different hues they get a little muddy which happened in the bottom one, but it is still a delight to look at.  I really, really love scrap quilts or ones that appear to have been made of scraps.  The black one in the previous post is of the same sort -- all those strips in the diamonds are surely scraps.  I can hardly wait to make another strip quilt similar to that one. 
The orange-y quilt is a Chinese Coins with a well selected stripe to separate the strips of "coins" It's bright and fun but, to me, too pretty, too planned, too careful. That is my taste, I'm sure others would love this quilt. My question that comes up every time I see this kind of quilt is why?  Why is it called "coins" when real Chinese coins are round, as are most coins the world over.  And paper money is this rectangular shape.  Just asking?

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