Saturday, July 28, 2012

More Red

This feathered star variation is for the Bayberry Guild's quilt show challenge.  That the challenge is a red and white miniature quilt, less than 100 inches total around the edges, should be no surprise. The quilt is approximately 22x22.  It is quilted in the ditch only.  Red and white is certainly dramatic -- as the quilt world learned in spades about 18 months ago when the American Folk Art Museum in New York City took over the large exhibit space in an armory and showed a huge collection of red and white quilts.

The Bayberry Guild's annual show will be next Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I believe the display of the red and white challenge quilts will be the first thing seen by visitors to the show.  I have not heard how many challenge quilts there will be. 

Last year when the challenge was to make a quilt that pertained to the National Seashore there were 50 quilts -- which was perfect as the National Seashore was celebrating their 50th year.  That group of quilts has been shown not only at the Bayberry show but at the National Seashore, and at two or three other venues and will be shown at yet another venue in September.  Whether the red and white quilts will have that kind of appeal I do not know.


sonia a. mascaro said...

So gorgeous!

June Calender said...

Thanks, Sonia. I'm told there will be 60 or more little red and white quilts. I'll try to take a photo.