Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Love lots of thread

Obviously that is a commercial photo which I've googled because my camera has gone on vacation without me -- but with my permission.  However, I'm delighted to relate my latest thrift store bargain.  Thread?  You guessed it. Lots of thread on the more old fashioned kinds of spools (and made in the USofA, I think, rather than in China, as the ones in the picture were.

I go to my local Goodwill store only on Tuesday because that's senior discount day -- 25% off makes me feel I've practically shop lifted my discoveries.  So I was checking out with a wonderful sweatshirt (DKNY brand that I've seen for $49 and higher) marked at 4.95 and, with discount down to 3.50 or so. I noticed in a bin near the check out two sizable bags of thread, all kinds of colors, all sizes of spools for $5.00 each.  I know what thread costs, of course, because I buy it often enough.  So I grabbed both of them, happily noticing there was a lot of whites and black and some were still wrapped with plastic film. So, discount applied, I came home with $7.50 of thread and when I'd sorted them I counted 135 spools!  No kidding.  A few were quite small spools but most were middle sized to large (what used to be large, on wooden and plastic spools -- not the paper spools in the above photo and not that large, of course).  I figure I'll be using it for about five years and maybe longer.  Adding that to the thread I already have I won't be buying thread -- expect specific shades for specific, so far undreamed of, projects.

My shopping method has always been to stock up when the stocking/pricing is good.  I'm happy I have place to store my recent finds.


zippiknits said...

That is a stunning find! It's perfect that it was you who was there at the right time and place to take them home. Congratulations!

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

You drive me crazy with all your good deals you get. I am going to come up there on a Tuesday myself.