Thursday, July 26, 2012

I really like red!

This week I've been to a couple of events where I read an essay I wrote about the state of quilting today.  I chose a few quilts to take as a show and tell.  The quilt now in the header is the same quilt at left -- it is truly reversible.  It is lap size and I've kept it on my comfy reading chair as a lap robe -- when the weather was cooler -- and used whichever side suited my mood that evening. (I read almost every evening.)

The other two quilts I chose to show to my audience were also strongly red, one was also red, white and black but one-sided.  I realized that, although I've made many quilts and many were not primarily red, I am in a red period in my life.  My living room has considerably more red than most people's living rooms: an enameled coffee table and three small rugs are mostly red, as well as a red print on cushions of chairs and settee.

This made me think of a book I read long, long ago so I went to Google.  I believe the book is still in print, the author is Max Luscher, a Swiss psychologist, and it is called Color Theory.  I was very impressed by what he had to say about our relationship to and choice of colors. I used to have a preference for a deep blue.  I discovered that there is now a quick little color "test" here, just click  It takes only five minutes, I did it and was impressed with the results.  Try it -- you might enjoy it.  And if you do you might want to find out more from his book.  It didn't tell me why I have had a particular passion for red, especially since I've left NYC and moved to Cape Cod, but it said things about my present state of mind that I found true--and not because they are so generalized and flattering anyone would agree with them. 

If you've been making quilts with a heavy emphasis on one particularly color, you might wonder what's going on with you.  Have a look.

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