Monday, June 21, 2010

On wall and floor

Three quilts in progress, two shown here. The third may be the first done and I'll take a photo then. None are intriguing me as much as they did when the idea came to mind. Ah, well ... The above is the start of a paper pieced lap quilt that I have been wanting to make since I purchased a book from a vendor at a quilt show. The empty corners will be filled with a flower paper pieced pattern which means 16 more to make -- well, I've made two of them already. And then there will be a border which will mean another eight paper pieced blocks. So 22 more to sew. They are not very complicated but paper piece is slow. This will not reappear on this blog for quite some time, maybe the end of summer.
These crazy squares, sort of log cabin blocks gone all wonky and random, are laid out on an uncut piece of cherry color fabric that has a small tone-on-tone random dot. I've thought about different stripping colors, a dark purple,a medium yellow but they didn't appeal to me and the cherry color [which isn't very true in this photo] does. So I'll cut it into strips soon and possibly I'll make a crazy pieced border also - I certainly have plenty more strips of fabric in my scrap bag. Some of these squares were made by a couple of others in a "virtual quilting bee" online group project. It's nice to have their variety of fabrics too, although I supplied some to each of them. The crazy strips are pieced onto a backing square which keeps the square relatively square despite some bias cuts pieces.

My work ethic tells me to get something finished soon. So it's going to be first of all the un-pictured piece which has reached the quilting stage already and may be finished by the end of the week. And then the crazy squares. I have in mind a full size quilt that's been on my to-do list for probably 15 years and I thought i couldn't do it until I had a design wall. I've got it so not more excuse for not doing it -- a contemporary-traditional design. More anon.


Marie aka Grams said...

June, I love these quilts. You are having all of the fun I'm waiting to do.

洪筱婷 said...
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