Thursday, June 10, 2010

Freebie stack-n-whack

A set of diamonds cut from a parrot fabric in Bethanty Reynolds "Stack-n-whack" method was the treasure I brought home from the Bayberry Quilters meeting that my friend Marylou invited me to attend a couple of weeks ago. They had a free share table and I was told it was alright for a guest to take the baggie full of cut diamonds, plus a couple of strips of the original fabric. I'm a sucker for these designs as I've demonstrated many times. So I couldn't wait when I got home to pull out a bunch of stash fabrics and start sewing.

I chose the bright colors on the parrots bodies for the background of the various squares and used up several pieces I had in my stash. Plus the back is a bigger piece with parrots that I have had quite a long time. It is not finished, no quilting yet and of course no border. I plan to join that guild this summer and will take this quilt as my first show and tell and thank the person who made it possible.

When something has been in a stash more than a couple of years it begins to see as if it were free -- so this quilt feels like a total freebie even though I know perfectly well I purchased those background fabrics at some point in the forgotten past.


Anonymous said...
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Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

I love all those colors, but then again I am a nut for color. My kitchen is pumpkin as is my breakfast room, living room green and on and on.