Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Good Week

It's been a good week -- Leslie has vacationed and I've vacationed with her. We've had quite a bit of good beach weather, some very nice seafood meals and just lots of quiet rest time. The Cape is beautiful with tons of roses everywhere, the ocean and the bay sparkle and have presented her with enough shell bounty that she's packed up a box to send herself as a present when she gets home.

Yesterday when she and her sister did some very serious hiking in the dunes between Truro and Provincetown with Rachel's school hiking club [much dwindled this last hike of the year], I was able to finish the quilt in the previous post. It's not one of my favorites, too in-your-face colors. But I really wanted to use the diamonds. It was a total stash buster with a backing of a different parrot fabric that I've had for quite a while. Love using up parts of the stash. Will now look for a place to donate the quilt -- but not until I've joined the local quilt guild, showed it at the first show-and-tell and thank the woman who gave away the diamond pieces and show her what became of them. [I hope she isn't horrified.]

Next week it will be life as normal with the addition of serious dieting for the rest if the summer. In the crossword puzzle the clue is "person dieting" and the answer is "loser." I hope that will be me. I shall not come back to this theme very often; I have always preferred that my dieting be private so I can suffer silently and alone. [and sometimes cheat a little, I will admit].


廖淑凡 said...
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Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Its always a good week or even a day when spent with the "girls". You do look quite happy June.