Sunday, September 06, 2009

Stashing Weakness

I always remember things I say [in public] I'm going to do, and that includes the resolution I posted here some months ago to use my stash and resist additions. Oh, weak willed one! Oh, woe, woe -- or it should be whoa, whoa! It's end of summer sale time, don't you know? What is one to do when the marked down fabrics have an additional 50% off sign on them? Good intentions, done with the wind. And then the FQs said buy-2-get-1-free and then the remnants where 50% off their already marked down price. Sooooooo.... See above.

Some of my rationalizations: the light colored pieces that don't show their pale prints are just the thing I prefer to use instead of stark white as backgrounds, one is ecru and one pale yellow with white dots. The flower print, a sort of fabric I almost never buy, is just asking to be stacked-and-whacked and turned into something far more fascinating than a pretty floral. I have lots of blues, both bright and navy but it's my favorite color -- what more should I say. Red with black dots what a great accept piece. Aren't he stripes sweet? And the moose -- well if you had a daughter like I have a daughter who has been a moose fanatic for almost ever, you'd never pass up a moose-y fabric. It will be the heart of some future throw, for sure. Oh, and the box of thread? Why ask? Of course I need thread -- 26 Gutterman [from Germany, of coruse] colors for 19.95. What more can I say. I'm a happy quilter.


Diana said...

It's so hard to resist a fabric sale! I bet that floral will make a really good stack and whack.

Helen Conway said...

"What more can I say. I'm a happy quilter."... that alone is enough rationalisation in my book. Enjoy the fabric and enjoy the enjoyment!