Tuesday, September 08, 2009


This selvage quilt has been nearly finished for about two months. I managed to quilt the center -- simply and not more than is needed to keep it all in place. Then marked a Greek key design around the border and stopped when we finally had about three weeks that were truly summery -- hot and humid -- weather. In such conditions I cannot work with a pile of quilt partly in my lap. So I put it aside and worked only on small blocks.

But now the border quilting is done, and I've bound it with wide pieces of selvage -- what elsel? At the top of the picture the edge is turned over to show the two Indonesial batiks that are on the back, The lighter piece was yardage and the darker, more complex pattern was a sarong panel -- if I were a small person, as many Indonesian women are, say about 5-2 and weighing only about 100 pounds, I would probably have used that piece as a sarong myself. But alas, I'm a more typical American woman of a certain age with a certain girth that is not truly large but is defnitely not petite. Anyway, it always feels great to say "Finished!"


Evelyn said...

It looks great! I still love peering at a close-up, looking for selvages I sent. :-) (Which reminds me, I have more to send...)

KatyK said...

Great - if you don't mind, a question. How did you handle quilting the different thickness on this quilt. Using a base for the selvage centers, this creates a double thickness compared with the corner triangles, which are a single thickness. Any suggestions are welcome - I am working on my selvage quilt

Thanks for sharing,