Monday, September 21, 2009

Growing on my Design Wall

I posted a picture of this quilt many blocks ago. This is just to say I'm working steadily, if kind of slowly, and it's growing. I have three more rows to make -- 18 blocks. They take about 45 minutes each. These are not ironed and of course not sewn together, just pinned up. The browns along the edges are ridding me of a lot of small scraps that had accumulated in that color family. A small exercise in stash busting.

Below is a close up. The meeting of the angled pieces is difficult and I am so un-profestionist that I try but when I don't succeed, I don't sweat it. This will eventually be a charity quilt. I don't believe we should necessarily give away our mistakes -- well, maybe I do believe that. Maybe we get a bit embarrassed showing friends the quilts where hte points aren't pointy or the joints don't meet right, but a quilt is a warm bed cover and there are far too many people in need of any warm bed cover. They deserve something nice, I'm sure, but need trumps nice any day.

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Diana said...

I don't sweat the little missed angles and points either. I figure that in a hand-made item those little imperfections add to the charm!