Friday, November 07, 2008

Five Kennel Quilts done

I had a free day and made the best of it I could -- it being gray and sprinkly outside. Laundry, some straightening, and quilting -- these five kennel quilts are finished. Four tops were sewn together but the plaid I did from scratch. They're only about 16x20 although, as you see, the actual sizes vary. The two more complex looking ones were from a UFO so the square-in-square blocks were made already.

They are "stuffed" with used rather thick terry towels, as I said I would. And I think it was a good choice. Of course, they're totally washable; the terry gives the quilts a sturdy feeling and with minimal quilting it will stay in place and not bunch up. They are each backed with a "ugly" or at least a fabric I was tired of and didn't want to use in a regular quilt. The backing was applied "pillow case" fashion with the open end through which I turned it right side out, then sewn down as I sewed around the entire outside. It was so easy and so satisfying to finish several little quilts quickly that I just might make two or three more tomorrow. ... or maybe not, since I've got a charity quilt in process from that aforementioned UFO.

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