Thursday, July 19, 2007

'Stack and Whack"

I love, love, love Bethany Reynold's "Stack and Whack" idea and books. [There shoud be copywrite signs by the term but my keyboard dosen't have one so I used quotes]. I've made several mostly using this design or the hexagonal design.

I keep my eye open for prints that I think my make interesting designs. This print as you can guess was large tropical flowers. I've made 37 blocks which I'll put together in a 5x7 size top with the darker green and lighter green backgrounds alternating. Using two different backgrounds was a wild guess but I think it's going to work. The previous quilt of this sort was all the same background and, despite the difference in each block, I felt it was too static. I think this will work better.
Meanwhile, I get the greatest delight -- it's truly a child-like glee as I watch each new pattern forming -- akin, of couse, to looking at a kaliadoscope. Except someone else make the kalaidoscope and I made these blocks all by myself. The next step is to square up the blocks and then sew them together. Add at least two borders and see if I want more than two. Pick out a backing, add batting, quilt, bind and viola!! Another quilt I don't need -- but it will have given me much pleasuer in the making. It will reappear here when the top is done.

Is it silly to simpl make quilts I don't need because I love the method and the color surprises that arise? I don't think so. I am not an artists, but this is, I think a paled down version of what real fine artists do -- then the thoughtful ones comes up with erudite explanatons of what they've just done. I could mumble around and sound artistic too, I've got the vocabulary ... but not the pretension -- or is it seriousness?

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