Sunday, July 01, 2007

Dog They Call Spot quilt

I listed quilts to make this summer a week or two ago. The first, easiest, smallest is my 'Dog They Call Spot quilt. It's together, it's machine quilted with free form stars at the top and wavy lines of the back ground of the dog and the poem is on a square that blends decently. The spotty background has a free form strip of star fabric with an extra piece in the corner. This will be the "Starfields" in the poem and it will be heavily embellished with shiny stars. That will get done rather slowly over the summer. I like to have a hand sewing job by my reading chair so that at night when I'm reading and have the radio on to a classical music station and something I especially love is played, I can put down my book, pick up some sewing that is virtually mindless, and listen to the music. So that's when the stars will be added. And I can now go on to another project. Which one I'm not sure, we'll see what the impulse will be.

Now I am aware that this is not a stunningly wonderful quilt. I probably will hang in in my bathroom when done so that I can reread the little poem I love so much when I have some contemplation time in there. I could say it is subtle with little differentiation between the starfield fabric and background, with the unimaginative addition of dog and poem in their places at the bottom. And the pedestrian quilting. In this case I don't care. For a reason I cannot explain, I am besotted with the "dog they call Spot" I've quoted the poem here before. As far as I'm concerned it can be quoted again: It's actually an exerpt from a longer poem by Mark Strand:

And I stood in the moonlight valley
watching the great starfields
flash and flower in the wished for
reaches of heaven.
That is when I, the dog the call Spot,
began to sing.,

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