Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Butterfly quilted postcard

Quilt postcard with butterflies on them has been a recurring theme in this blog. I think I started making postcards using Bea Oglsby's Butterfly Album early in 2006. It was a bit labor intensive [isn't all quilting?] but I got hooked on the possible color combinations, background and butterflies. By February of 2007, I had made over 50. I haven't made any since then, I've been sending them out, giving them away and contemplating doing more.
A Swap-bot swap for "textile postcards" came up and I thought, ah-ha, I can send out some more! Which I just did today with the three pictured here. One is going as far as Australia and I must admit, it being the one embellished with beads and sequins I put it in an envelope. I'm actually posting these pictures because the swap hostess suggested people share their postcads with others via flickr or whatever .. this is whatever. People in tthe swap can find my blog.
So my supply of post cards is dwindling -- which is nice, that's the intention. And I'll feel free to make more. BUT ... I made a list of summer projects some weeks ago and that wasn't part of it -- nor was making a larger quilt with moths [I have patterns now and "intentions"] It might be as big as the monarch quilt which I've posted a time or three before and it will be decidedly labor intensive. The imagination outruns the free time constantly ... would I like it any other way? Of course not.
As for a brief progress report on that to-do list: The blue/white quilt is on the bed. The little dog and the starry sky is coming along. I spent all of Saturday afternoon while listening to Rene Fleming sing La Traviata putting on stars -- about three hours. I probably have another 12 or 15 hours of star application to do. It's one star at a time -- well, hey! the Big Bang was a long time ago and the physicists say things are slowing down ... it's slow here at any rate adding new stars in the sky.

I'll have pictures and comments about a "Stack & whack" quilt that is coming along apace. That leaves me thinking a lot about the chickens ... if that sound enigmatic it is slightly -- I still don't know how I'll use those fabrics. But I WILL. And then .. maybe a few more butterfly post cards. We'll see.

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wovengold said...

These are really lovely, June. I'm a big butterfly/moth fan... Especially love Luna moths, which we don't have here. Thanks so much for posting the pics. I've been intrigued by what you'd told me about them.