Thursday, July 05, 2007

Off to Quilt National

To my great delight, I am off to the Midwest this afternoon -- visiting family in Indiana and then driving east to Athens, Ohio to the Dairy Barn to see Quilt National. I'm very excited about seeing 80-some of the most interesting new quilts from quilters all around the world. This is a biennial show which I've managed to attend twice. And it was a wonderful experience. I did not see the 2005 show but bought the catalog, and then was able to see a portion of it on display in Lowell, Massachussets -- oh, how different the quilts are "for real"! I spend a lot of time looking at pictures of quilts but the real experience is so much richer, so much more interesting ... it's the difference of seeing a picture of a person and then actually meeting that person, hearing his or her voice, watching the face change during a conversation, seeing the changing postures and gestures. Yes, people are more complicated than quilts but the analog holds. It'll be a week before I can add comments and some pictures. I'm off.

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