Saturday, August 15, 2015

International Quilts in Manchester, NH, August 2015

My daughters and I went to the International Quilt show in Manchester, NM Thursday (a Mancusco show). It had the best variety and most interesting collections of quilts I've seen there in the four or five years I've attended that show.  I took several photos of quilt that inspire me -- not the most wonderful and not a representative sampling but ones I may want to look back. However, my favorite is probably the one above because I know how difficult it is to make fabric look like stone, and to give it depth at the same time.  I think the quilter was brilliant and then had a stroke of genius when she added the cat, in the same colorations. I that took wit and great skill. I love it.
(I'm sorry I cannot give the maker's name and the name of the quilt. I took careful notes on the program listing so I could reference and credit where it was due.  then I left the program booklet in the restaurant where I had lunch. These skilled quilters deserve credit and I regret I can't give it.

The other two quilts are typical of the ones that impressed me with a sense of "I could do something like that too.  The long thin one (like many, especially among the quilts from Israel) uses colors with certainty and a delightful balance.  The circles add an important dimension especially at they are different colors and sizes and the quilter knew just when she had added enough. 

The other quilt is a little bit of a fascinating enigma.  Is it a village, or is it one house (as the lines that look like roof likes at the top suggest.  I love the seeming spontaneous colors in the pieced squares. And I love the uneven hem which adds a depth and interest a straight across hem would not give. All that sandy looking fabric in the bottom section calls to me for me a village in the Atlas Mountains, where there were no such wonderful colors.

I am truly sorry I cannot give name of maker and of quilt. I meant to, really, I did.

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