Saturday, August 01, 2015

Bayberry quilt show

This weekend was the annual BAyberry Quilt show, as usual there were nearly 300 quilts, of various sizes.  I showed teh selvage quilt, Spiderwebs and Stars which I wrote about a few months ago. I like it but it wasn't spectacular.  And  I did a challenge quilt that is too awful to write about that will go into a seldom opened bag of small quilts. 

Opposite is the group exhibit -- our first group effort to make our own versions of the theme "chair". I wrote about my electric chair a few months ago. Next to it is Meredith's very modern chair quilt that I like a great deal, Elaine's Papa-san Japanese style chair, then Robin's chair seen from a kitten's eye view -- a concept that seems to me to say she is the one with the "real" artist's eye, then Betty's traditional chair of which only the  flower painted back and side is visible in a sea of floral wall paper and then Ro's big easy traditional overstuffed chair. 
The sign at the bottom says who we are.  I think this is a nice start for a very informal group that does not meet often.  Others may join the group over the coming months. Betty is planning to move away to Arizona. It's a start at the kind of group that can inspire one another to reach for designs that stretch our abilities and imaginations.

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