Wednesday, August 20, 2014

UFO no more

This blue scrap quilt was started as a possibility for the Bayberry Guild show early this year.  I realized I wasn't going to be able to add the border and backing and quilt it and have the other pieces done in time so I didn't show it. A good thing -- quilts always take longer than I think they're going to. The ones in the show were finished just in time and this has been taking odd moments for three weeks now.  But it's done.   It's layered on drier sheets which I find to be an excellent foundation for scrap stripping. Until a few days ago it wasn't going to have the yellow border but now I'm glad I added it. The back is a mixture of medium blues in rectangles and strips of orange.  It didn't photograph well but I like it.  In this case I couldn't make my photo program crop the picture so you get some of my work corner here in the living room with my three-fold fan proving to be a good place to drape the quilt.  I can't resist collecting blue scraps.


Cindy said...

Love this one! Thanks for sharing! -Cindy

June Calender said...

Thanks for the comment, Cindy.