Monday, September 01, 2014

Another UFO finished

 Sometime last fall I was given a selection of batik fabrics in the red-rose-purple-blue spectrum. I loved the colors and immediately wanted to make a quilt.  I made the square-in-square blocks but then I began another project -- I think the blue strip one that was in the previous post.  And  then another and another project came along.  So it goes. Finally I put this one together in the double sided way I really enjoy -- it gave me a change to use a wider selection of batiks from my sizable stash. Now it's done -- the top picture is the top, the next is a detail and the  bottom

 picture is the back with solid squares.  Just this week I realized the purple-blue Kaufman fabric  (not a batik) that's in the border was just the right colors. For the border on the back I used a darker batik I've had a very long time.

Pheww!~  So it's done.  Quilting projects always take longer than I expect.  I love the colors still,  The next one is on my design wall and I can't wait to get on with it.  Meanwhile two, or really, three other quilts are parking in the short term parking area in my brain.

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