Friday, August 01, 2014

Inspiration at the Guild Show

I love scrap quilts. That is the theme of the Bayberry Quilt show this year. Yesterday I saw quite  few that I quickly thought, "I'd like to make one like that." Or "I wish I could do that, but I'd never have the patience." (e.g. to make a whole quilt of 2" squares. But sometimes when I'm looking through a magazine or at a show I see a quilt and immediately think I WANT to make one like that. This is the one at the show that got that reaction. Totally scrappy! A balance of light and dark/bright. The four-pointed star stands out amid the pastels.  Close up it's obvious it's make a three-pieced squares (5 inches). Easy-peasy. And the fun of just reaching into the scrap pile and cutting the pieces. In fact, I WILL make a quilt like this ... sometime, not too soon as I have a few WIPs to finish.  (Works In Progress) What a wonderful "quilty" feeling this will have on a bed! I love it.  (And as I think that, I think, so will the one that's on my design wall right now. The imagination goes racing on.)

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