Sunday, December 30, 2012

First Snow -- three days late

Without a howl or whistle of the wind snow fell during the night, only a coupe of inches, if that.  A nice white blanket which would have been more appreciated on Christmas day.  But the clouds have no idea of what dy of the month it is.  This photo was outside my bedroom window when the sun had come up but was still mostly behind clouds.  This kind of snowfall is perfect -- a pretty blanket, but easy to brush off a car, causing no driving problems.  Winter is here.

Large parts of the country have massive amounts of snow.  We are lucky.  I actually stayed in and read the year end musings in the NYTimes. Pages of photographs of war, unrest pain in many parts of the world  during the past year.  And those, of course, only a hint at the actuality. Year end is a time for contemplation.

I have been trying to write a poem contrasting the hubbub inside Rachel' house with family all gathered and gifts galore, especially for the children, with my short (two blocks) walk home. I haven't managed to capture the inside part yet. But here is the second part:

White moon, rag-clad with cloud tatters
nesting in unwelcoming bare branches above
dense dark on sidewalk-less street.
 Still, cold air, quiet, no traffic,
alternate world at day's end,
enfolding walking woman on soft soled shoes.
Silent night, peaceful night, all is calm,
all is right.

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