Saturday, December 22, 2012

Finsihing up, challenging myself

A new season has arrived (and the end of the world was never a likelihood).  It's finish up and get back to things already started.  I'm finishing up my great-grandson's farm animal quilt -- photo in a couple of days. It WILL be ready for Christmas, but barely. Maybe tomorrow afternoon, maybe Monday.  Then a picture. 

Then it's time to turn back to my take on this wonderful quilt which was made by a South African quilter (this is only a detail of a very much larger quilt) that I saw at the World Quilt Show August before last.  I and my daughter managed to embroider nearly twenty circular designs, each different for the other, last winter. I have one that needs only a half hour more work and then I'm back to trying to do at least one a week all through the winter. Maybe Rachel will have time to make a few more too. I don't know how big it can grow by the first of August when our guild has another show.  Embroidering circular designs is a meditational exercise, every one will be different.  I must end up with a number that can be put together in a square. The detail shows nine.  I think the original had well over 100.  It's a challenge.

Of cousre that's not all.  Two tops and their backs are in my sewing room waiting to be quilted. Then I want to do some BOMs for my guild and I want to make a two sided batik quilt for myself, using 5x5 charm squares of which I have many.  And then, and then ... the mind is always far ahead of the doing.

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