Monday, December 24, 2012

Cole's Farmyard Animal Quilt

I've been I've been beavering way on this quilt of appliqued barnyard animals for Cole for Christmas.  Last Christmas his big brother, Finn, got  a similar quilt of big jungle cats.  I like these chickens and sheep, gesse and pigs and goats.  They are designed by Deborah Konchinsky.  I have a number of her applique patterns for animals and have used them for quilts for several years. She has, I think, a wonderful ability to catch the animals in a realistic way while always having a sense of humor about them.

In this case I decided to use only the  polka dot and stripped fabrics I had on hand -- except I had to purchase a new piece for the back.   The photos don't show the polka dots very well but the stripes are clearly bright and fun. I'm glad it's finished.  I have a handful of other projects to get busy working on. As of this afternoon this quilt is wrapped and under the family tree for him to open tomorrow.  At one, (his birthday was two weeks ago) he's not going to care about this quilt, of course. In a way it's really for his mother.  She remembers having quilts I made for her as a little girl.  Did I say that Cole is my second great-grandson?

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