Sunday, June 24, 2012

Past quilting projects

I've been spending a lot of time quilting but my show quilt projects are slow and I am not ready to photograph them.  Meanwhile, I've gone through my photo files for other reasons.  The farther back in the file I delve the more quilt pictures I find that are familiar -- I'm sure I made that quilt -- but have been forgotten until reminded.  This is only one of several. I don't remember making these blocks, and I don't know what became of the quilt -- I'm pretty sure I finished it.

Probably many quilters would find such memory lapses are incomprehensible.  But then my quilting process is my own -- I call it "hobby-istic" as I've defined before.  I see a block in a magazine or book or at a quilt show that fascinates me -- this block still fascinates me, think it might have been paper pieced.  I make the block, maybe well, probably not very well. In this case I like the colors but perhaps I didn't when I had finished it.  I think I gave it away; I know I don't have it and probably didn't keep it long.  As I look at it, I think I'd enjoy making it again ... but probably won't. 

Quilting is a visual art; I have no art training and am insecure about both color choices and design. Every quilt is, to me, much like a child's drawing -- I mean an untutored child who likes the red crayon today and the green one tomorrow.  It adds a dimension to my more literal usual interests.  As I've written recently, it's a kind of play.  When I get fairly serious as I am about the two quilts I'm currently working on, I enter a different kind of quilting mindset, pleasing in a more structured way, although remnants of that  child's play usually remain -- especially in color and design choice.

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