Thursday, October 07, 2010

Revisiting the Monarchs

I thought I would revisit my Monarch quilt which has for some months been at a new home where it is well taken care of by a butterfly lover. I think there were 17 monarchs, of several designs, some small and some fairly large -- the small were approximately the size of actual monarchs. They were made of two or more fabrics, they were very time consuming. And then they were appliqued to the quilt. The quilt is about 52x40. When I finished it I said "never again."
So why am I doing moths now? Because all those delicate winged insects are beautiful and fascinating and although they will be less true to actual coloring than were the monarchs, they are a pleasure to make. I figured out how to attach them to the background this morning. My sewing machine was not being very cooperative but I'll fiddle with it and I hope will make it work decently. I do believe I can finish that quilt over the coming weekend. Then it will be hung in the living room as it's just right size to go above my little spinet piano. I like to live with something I've just created for a while ... until the next new creation comes along.

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