Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dawn Clouds, Day Clouds

Summer was so very beautiful this year, I miss it like an enchanting house guest who had to leave and who I know I won't see again for many months. The sun is shining but chilly, gusty breezes are scattering autumn leaves. I have to change my daily habits as I change my wardrobe. I do not dislike autumn or winter but I don't want them to visit me yet. I do not believe I have ever so consciously enjoyed summer as I did this year, that is part of my feeling, it was an active enjoyment. I think in other years I have more passively accepted the sunny days, the hot days, the nights when the windows are open and I'm happy for the breezes that blow in.

It is time for a mental adjustment to enjoy putting on jackets, wrapping my neck in a scarf, pulling on gloves. I like dressing that way. I like the times that are foggy even if they are chill and damp. I like snow too, more than many people do. Perhaps my intensity of feeling this year has a deeper more metaphorical meaning although I am healthy and do not feel at all slowed by age. In fact, over the last few weeks I've met many other women 'round about my age who are vibrant and interesting and I enjoy the times we share at a class or having lunch. A couple of them have such very beautiful smiles. Perhaps it's just an awareness of change.

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