Friday, October 15, 2010

Is Autumn Peaking?

My understanding is that Cape Cod, because of its geography and the lack of large stands of deciduous trees, doesn't have the grand autumn color for which much of New England is famous. Usually the Columbus Day week-end is prime leaf-peeping tourist time. I'm told that this past weekend wasn't jaw droppingly beautiful as sometimes happens. The weather is always the if-fy factor. I tend to appreciate what I get. The drive to Newport Wednesday was along highways lined with soft gold and slightly orangy trees, subdued color but subtle and lovely on a blue sky day. That is most of the autumn color I'm going to have to enjoy this year, I think. The photo above is from my walk last weekend with the dog around a little pond, really just this one tree was bright -- all the lovelier for being the one beauty at the ball.
This photo is the marsh grasses turning gold, an old gold similar to ripe wheat. Eventually it will weaken and be beaten down by storm winds. Last night some of those winds howled as rain slapped at the windows. Either the rain, or perhaps some hail it carried with it, beat fiercely enough to set off a car alarm with it's flashing lights and beeping sound [thank heavens not the horn honking of some alarms]. I was awake a while after it subsided -- I enjoy a rain storm when I'm warm and comfy in bed. I carried an umbrella around with me today but didn't need to open it although the sky remained gray and a gentler, but somewhat chilly wind continued. The season is changing, the sky is full of flying clouds. I have no complainta; the summer was wonderful, and I know that lovely Indian summer days will probably come along before winter gets a toe hold.

Years ago a playwright colleague in a group I belonged to wrote a highly neurotic character who complained about everything and made life hell for her spouse who explained her problems as "Lillian doesn't like weather." No one else seemed to find that line as funny as I did. To hate weather seemed to me to hate the world we all live in, it's like hating air or water or sky or nature. Absurd. I love weather.

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