Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Quilts for Alzheimer's Volunteer Patients

A notice in the recent AARP Bulletin mentioned a call for quilts for volunteers who are helping with a study -- they all have some degree of Alzheimer's and have been very helpful in the research. They are asking for just the size and sort of quilts I love to make so I'll send the one in the picture above and I've got a couple others that are equally colorful and about the same size.

Below is information they sent me about what they are looking for as well as the address to which to send them. Quite a few of we quilters who just can't keep our hands off fabric and have more than enough quilts for our own use. There are many charities. This sounds like a very deserving one.

If you are interested in blogging about or donating a new, lap-sized quilt it
should be approximately 40 inches wide and 45 to 50 inches long, and made of
100% cotton or flannel. A little larger or a little smaller is fine. You can use
any design or pattern. The study participants are both men and women so a
variety of colors would work best. Or you can make a "themed" quilt specifically
for a woman or a man. We've received very feminine pink and flowery quilts as
well as quilts featuring trucks, cars and golfing that appeal to the men. There
is no deadline. Whenever you can make and send a quilt will be fine. Some of our
quilters have put labels on the back with their name and city or thanking the
recipient for participating in Alzheimer's research but that is optional. No
label is necessary or required. Should you need more info please see the
description on our website: http://adcs.org/Research/Quilts.aspx

We receive the quilts here at our office and distribute them to our research
study sites located throughout the U.S. when they notify us of a newly enrolled

Please mail the quilts to the following address:

Jeffree Itrich
Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study
University of California San Diego
8950 Villa La Jolla Dr, Ste C-227
La Jolla, CA 92037-1712

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