Friday, September 17, 2010

?Flight or Invisibility

"Which would you choose, the ability to fly or invisibility?" Rachel asked a couple days ago. Actually I didn't answer. She said, she immediately chose flight. Apparently she had been in a group when the question was raised. People got picky before answering, like "will my clothes also be invisible?" People pondered and when they decided and the conversation turned to "what would you do with your new ability?" most just wanted to enjoy it. But her husband immediately said, "fight evil." Which is what the super heroes do who can fly, except they also have an arsenal of super powers. Of course, "fight evil" is the plot of all the super hero stories that kids grow up with. Apparently the desire to "fight evil" is not a general one.

So which would I choose? While flight would be fun, I think that kind of fun would have a short life span. Boredom would set in before long. So I'd choose invisibility and, no, I'd not be into fighting evil especially as it does not come with super powers. I'd use it for ignoble purposes: to eaves drop, to go to the movies and concerts free. Pretty unimaginative and selfish of me, but really, what else would invisibility be good for? I suppose I could steal things but what would I want to steal? Money? Well, maybe -- I suppose I could work out a Robin Hood Ah, well ....

But, gee, there are so many other things I can spend my time thinking about, perhaps my mental reveries are just as pointless most of the time as the fight/invisibility question but they are connected, however loosely to my real life. Super hero fantasies are for kids reading comic books.

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