Thursday, September 09, 2010


Finished, totally, including the label. I enjoyed making this approximately 42x42 lap quilt, largely because I'm pleased at how the colors work together [as I so often say, I think they're better than they come out in the photo]. I've been consciously trying to learn to deal with colors for the last five years or so. Looking at several wall quilts I did in that time period recently while I was having a neatening fit, I thought -- gee, so much really didn't work! The input of my artistic daughter helped on this one. Hey! It's okay to ask for help. I didn't have help available previously.

I have three new projects in various stages. Plenty of challenges ahead.

I'm enjoying the 12x12 [see side-bar and click] color challenges. These are accomplished quilters responding to their own challenges -- they give thoughtful commentary as they work. It's an Internet phenomenon, they live all around the globe and had not met one another as a group before they started their group. I don't believe they've ever met as a group. But they showed their work at a major show in Sydney this year and now have a book almost ready for distribution. Currently they're doing a series of color challenges and I find much inspiration and visual pleasure from reading their ongoing posts.

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Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

I love, love love the colors and now I can touch it., Thank you for my 75th year on this earth