Sunday, August 02, 2009

Trying to Finish Selvage Quilt

I am trying to finish this selvage quilt -- a picture of the entire top is back about a month. Above the top is barely turned over but mainly shows the back which is made of two pieces of sarong fabric from Indonesia, actually purchased in Thailand.
The top has two kinds of squares ones with the selvage making and on-point square surrounded by triangles of various dark fabric. I love looking at the manufacturers' and designers' names and at the color circles. Can't explain why something that's purely functional like that is so pleasing to me.
The other squares have small selvage on-point squares in the middle so that they seem to be framed by the various dark print fabrics. For these I used selvages that had darker colors -- while most are white, no matter the color of pattern of the fabric, not all are. Thus I think the smaller center selvage squares are gem like -== a word Karen Griska used also in her book about Selvage Quilting.
The weather has been so humid that the quilt felt almost damp and I haven't been able to bear working on it in this humidity. However the whole center has now been simply quilted and I want to do something a little fancier on the border probably a Greek key pattern of quilting ... if ever we have some hot, fairly dry summer weather. I despair and think it just might e the summer that forgot about Cape Cod. I'm sure many a tourist is ever sadder about that than am I for I am able to enjoy the few hours a lovely sun whenever it might happen rare though that has been.
I have other projects awaiting completion. Meanswhile I have a large writing project that puts quilting into the category of what to do while I have to have some thinking time Thinking time is also walking time which means the quilting gets a smaller percentage of time. It's all a balancing act.

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Mary Anne said...


Last September you entered a Free Give-a-way on my blog. You were one of the winners but I never heard from you. If you are interested in the "On the Go Hexabag" pattern, please send me your address and I will put it in the mail to you.

Hope all is going well for you.

Mary Anne Ciccotelli (blog)