Sunday, August 16, 2009

A slow start

A month or six weeks ago I wrote that I wanted to make another quilt using the same vintage 1930s "chain" pattern but I wanted to make it look very different just by fabric choice. The above is the beginning of the new quilt, only six of 40 blocks done so far. As you see the blue batik makes dramatic stars and the scrap "chain" pieces tend to outline the stars and enlarge them. Below is the first quilt using all white background so there are no dramatic stars at all. I am always interested in how one pattern can make many different quilts.

This is going to go slowly, in fact IS going slowly, because I am engaged in a writing project and have an interested agent but he's a show-me sort of person who wants to know that I can listen to advice and improve what I've done before he commits to my project So I've been rewriting and rewriting and rethinking and so on. I very much want this writing project to come to fruition, I've only been researching for about 15 years. All the material is in my head but putting it on paper is at least as complicated at digging into my stash for just the right fabrics, and then going through all the steps to turn them into a really nice big quilt. It's more time consuming and I have more emotionally at stake so if quilting gets set aside or I only do one block a day for a while, I still love it. Just won't have as much to blog about.

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