Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peach Jam

Lots of things mean summer -- watermelon, ice cream cones, the beach, ripe tomatoes, backyard barbecues -- today I'm thinking of peaches. Summer has so much abundance and we each have our personal favorites. Peaches are among mine -- I mean truly ripe peaches with thin skin that peels easily off, and flesh soft and juicy -- so juicy one eats with care so as not to have a sticky chin, drips on clothes and an messy hands. Such peaches are hard to find as are all truly ripe, actually natural fruit and veggies. We are at a sad moment in history when some of us know what is being lost and others -- the younger ones -- haven't a clue what they're missing. What you don't know one existed, you will never miss. The young geneartio have much, but they have not idea what they don't have. It has NOT ever been so, things have change much more slowly in the past.

Rachel brought peaches back from upstate New York and today was jam making da. We peeled, diced, let marinate with sugar and lemon juice -- played a totally lackluster Scrabble game while waiting -- and then boiled, simmered and canned. Smell was magnificent. We have high hopes for yummy toast slathered in true peach flavor.

So I'm not getting any quilting done -- but peaches will be available like this only this once until next year. If there is one thing to recognize it's the importance of doing what will not wait -- saying yes to the immediate opportunity. As the saying it, "It was a peach of an afternoon."


Evelyn said...

Sounds delicious! We're in the middle of blackberry season here, and I've been having fun carrying a bag along with me when I walk the dog, to pick a handful of them to bring home. Yay for seasonal fruit!

Cindy Russell said...

Hi June! Sounds delicious. Would love to see your recipe.