Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer - hot, lazy

It's summer! It's hot, it's humid, a breeze is a touch of an angel's wing. I escaped the city for a weekend 100 miles north somewhat between the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountians -- still hot, still humid [but not as bad as NYC] but a slow, placid, sitting still, feeling the breeze kind of weekend. Saturday morning, after a tour of the farmer's market, and pause for good coffee and enjoying friendly people who introduced themselves to "new faces", a half mile walk through forest, swamp and taller than my head reeds to the Saugerties Lighthouse, a beauifully restored the wide, beautiful Hudson, shaded by an abundantly fruited mulberry tree with a wonderful breeze from the river. Dogs and children were playing in the river. A beautiful spot for a contemplative half hour.

The rest of weekend, quietly watching birds at feeders and enjoying a riotous bed of zinnias, nice food, and classic movies on TV. Mostly a lot of sitting still and the very great pleasure of moonlight and a very good breeze that made sleeping far pleasanter than in the city.

A two hour return bus ride, thanks to returning traffic, took nearly four hours ... as well. Being away and catching up with a long time friend was very good indeed

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