Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just the Beginning

It's been a while since I've had time to think a lot about the quilt projects that are started and that I hope to complete [maybe] this summer. This paper pieced star was started early in June and is progressing in baby steps so far. It looks a bit lumpy because the diamonds are only pinned, I can't sew them together at this point, there's more to add -- a lot more. In a way I'm flying blind. I found a picture in one of the QNMs that I was about to give away, it was called "The 900 piece Quilt". Each diamond has 17 pieces so, without doing any math obviously there's many more diamonds or parts of diamonds to be made.

The reason I say I'm "flying blind" is I photo copied the page that had the paper piecing diagrams but didn't photocopy the page with a picture of the finished quilt -- and I left the magazine in the photocopy machine -- a mistake I have made with distressing frequency. Often I go back and retrieve it the next day but in this case the unhelpful attendant did not even think there was a lost-and-found drawer. So the picture, in color, is gone and all I have is the instructions, which, of course, is the really necessary part.

I know that the light/bright part was NOT the center, but when I pinned it together today I decided to try it and I liked the effect. I remain doubtful about my color choices so reversing dark/light may be a mistake. At this point it's okay to contemplate because it's only pinned. I think I like it. I'll keep thinking about it as I make the next set of diamonds. Each diamond takes at least an hour so this is actually likely to be longer term than summer.

Because I haven't had time for much quilting for over six weeks, the fabric, mostly fat quarters but some bigger cuts, has been piling up. So I sorted them before I started sewing today and and thus had a brief opportunity to review at least part of my stash. The only conclusion is I must live to 110 at least in order to do this stash justice. But what a nice problem to have! I was then inspired to start a quilt I've been thinking about. More about that tomorrow.


Jpetsch said...

I have that issue. It and several sewn diamonds are in my UFO pile. Would you like me to send you a color copy?

June Calender said...

Hi,and thanks for reading this. I've tried to reach your website/blog and I've emailed you and the message bounced back. So I hope you'll read this because I'd really love to have a color copy of the quilt. I'll try, try again.