Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big Animals

We wanted to see big animals! We especially wanted to see moose. Bison are big and we saw a great many, big and baby, there are some 5,000 in Yellowstone so they are easy to see; in fact, one morning a bison was grazing peacefully 20 feet from where our car was parked. Elks were also plentiful, and a couple of types of deer. To my great surprise Leslie spotted a gray wolf trotting purposefully along the edge of a forested area as we walked through a meadow early one morning. We saw black bear grazing on something bushy. And we saw a nesting eagle, funny looking white pelicans, later on sandhill cranes, and a bunch of small animals we had not seen wild before -- a beaver, and a couple of badgers. But moose eluded us although we went out before breakfast but had no luck.

So we were about to settle for a drink at the Mangey Moose Saloon in Teton Village when we finally found a moose 90% hidden in a patch of willow trees munching noisily but nearly invisibly. However -- this was, mind you, our last day in the parks -- just down the road a youngish looking moose was standing in a stream peacefully allowing half a dozen people, and then we three also, to take his picture. My picture if on my film camera so I can't post it here. This is the animal part of my vacation story. I've gone on in a more philosophical vein in my other blog. I've just tried to add a link to it, and it doesn't work. Go to "view profile" and then to bottom of screne and click Big 7-0 blog. Sorry it's such a pain. I'll figure this all out eventually.

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