Monday, April 02, 2007

Poetry month

April is Poetry Month - I'm not sure who so declared but for the last two years I've been on the list of persons (25,000 +/-) who receive via email from Knopf, the elegant publisher, a poem a day the whole month of April. Today's poem, my second, was by Marge Piercy, a nice but not exciting poem. Often other goodies are included. Today, this being the second Passover seder, it included Marge's recipe for egg salad. Unlike any egg salad I ever heard of but maybe after listening to the first hour of a the Haggadah reading and watching your family's usual antics, it's a welcome break. Let's just say it consist only of sliced cucumbers, sliced fennel and sliced hard boiled eggs with an oil and lemon juice dressing. [UGH - maybe it's just my taste} I would prefer the sliced fennel plain, or with a nice mayonaise.

The point is that, yes, I am quilting, really rather furiously, my 21st star quartet is turning into a summer bed quilt and will need either 15 or 20 blocks instead of four. Lot-sa sewing! Picture in the near future.

My first salute to Poetry Month is from the wonderful Polish Nobelist, Wislawa Symborska from "Allegro Ma Non Troppo".

Life, you're beautiful (I say)
you just couldn't get more fecund,
more befrogged and nightingaily
more anthillful or sproutssprouting.
I'm trying to court life's favor,
to get into its good graces,
to anticipate its whims
I'm always the first to bow,
always there when it can see me ...

April also includes Earth Day so I imagine I'll be back to the subject of global warming too. What I'm noticing today is that the great tectonic plates under the Pacific are in a period of great activity. Another quake, another tsumani, thougth mercifully smaller -- unless you're a Solomon Islander. This has nothing to do with global warming, it's the natural shifting and settling and streteching of the body of the earth and we specks on its surface are simply sometimes in the wrong place.

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