Saturday, April 07, 2007

Artful Quilters Web Ring & new project

I've been doing a lot of things, poetry and museums, reading, cleaning, writing, etc. But I parcel my time and I touch on quilting most days. This is a picture of the current project; It looks in this picture like a star quartet but I've fallen in love with the blues and the sparse rather elegant star [which is quick and easy to sew] and decided to make it into a full sized bed quilt with light batting to have on the bed in the summer. I'll need either 15 or, preferably 20 stars, plus border to make it the right size. I beleive I have sufficient fabric for 20 stars. So that's in the works, approxiimately a star a day.

I've been reading this book slowly. It's a fat book with hundreds of pictures of journal quilt pictures with detailed notes on how they were constructed -- it's from shows at Houston, by no means the total that have been shown, let alone made -- these are monthly quilts. The variety is amazing ... and inspiring. But the brain can only process a few at a time. So it's a slow book.

The other day I was surfing the Artful Quilters Web Ring and realized I hadn't read Notes from Cairojacp38 Jenny Bowker's wonderful blog, for a while. She is a talented Australian quilter whose husband is a diplomat stationed in Cairo. She often writes about visiting various places in Middle East and I was not disappointed, there was a fascinating post about attenting an event at a Coptic museum.

Then I surfed some more and don't remember what I was reading but came across a link to a UK sitejacp38 of an art quilters organization with wonderful pictures of their work which I really loved looking through. There was one or two ideas I thought I'd really like to attempt in my own way ... sigh .. I'm beginning to have vivid day dreams of having a studio to work in some time instead of about six square feet.

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