Thursday, April 12, 2007

Might as well be spring

Surfing the Artful Quilters Web Ring, I see that people are showing off their spring flowers in many parts of the Us and even in England and Europe [not, of course, Australia] Feeling a little jealous, because we had a week's hint of spring and a fierce return to chilly weather I went to Macy's annnual Eastertime fllower show. I took pictutres with my non-digital camera and haven't developedthem yet, but here's one from the digital camera. It was spring inside and the crowd was larger than I expected on a weekday afternoon. Walking home yestertday along West End Ave., I fouind a real example of NYC spring trying to unfurl -- this magnolia is a couple of blocks away. So, there's my contribution to the spring flower show!

My contribution to poetry month today is the first stanza of a Tess Gallagher poem called "Orange Sutra" from her 2006 book DEAR GHOST, [Yes, there is a comma in the title] -it's not about spring, but is about nature

I wanted to take you in, peel and all,
with the mind's all-swallowing.
But the mind prefers unoranging
the orange until a segment unhinges
to shine upright
in the night sky, unaware
of the nght or of its own shining.

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