Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, what a pain! I just wrote a perfectly nice post, had it all done and then got curious and clicked the little "more" at the bottom of this screen. My post disappeared because I hadn't published it -- wanted to find out what the "more" might tell me ... This is an example of why I need the "genius" i talked to today. He was in his 20s, dark haired, patient and helpful, he was at the chic Apple store in Soho. {really neat architecture!]

I have a Procare contract for a year of tutoring, once a week. It got interrupted with the China trip and then the hip fiasco. But today I had some big needs [to purchase Word so I can get back to writng about TCB in a format that allows editing as the kindergarten Apple Script/Text Edit does not.] And to find out more about the intricacies of this blog program. As he answered my questions and deftly, quickly, adroitly clicked on the proper things and knew the lingo and labels, I realized something finally: I fundamentally believe machines are all dumb. It's the kick the Coke machine if it takes your money and doesn't drop down a Coke. But, in fact, all computers today are smart enough to tell you what to do IF you read their messages and symbols and actually expect there to be messages. I fail at both. I don't scan the screen for the messages, hints and so on because I don't expect them to be there. So I've got to keep in mind that the computer is working WITH me -- a fundamental difference.

I may eventually have a list of links in the sidebar, which I think I'm learning to do ... not tonight ... I can only process so much technical info at one time. I think I understand it. I'll experiment in the next day or two ... I fundamentally don't like to rush into such things. To young people it's like playing around, to me it's like practicing scales as I learn to sing, since I have a deep belief that I have a horrible singing voice even the scales are terribly daunting. This is a woman whose first ATM card expired before I got around to seeing how it worked in the machine ... however, I now do 90% of my banking with an ATM card. I CAN change, it just takes time.

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