Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Are aphorisms poetry? I would say not, but the esteemed literary magazine, Ploughshares, and the anthology, The Best Ameriocan Poetryt of 2001 one, printed 45 of James Richardson's large collection of aphorisms as a poem. Anyway some stopped me -- some the way Zen koans do ... as mind stopping conundrums -- others are a little more graspable. Here are some:

Who breaks the thread? The one who pulls or the one who hangs on?

Patience is not very different from courage. It just takes longer.

What you fear to believe, your children will believe.

When my friend does something stupid he is just my friend doing something stupid. When I do something stupid I have deeply betrayed myself.

I lie so that I do not have to trust you to beleive me.

It's easier to agree on the future than on the past.

Back then I wanted to be right about my estimate of my abilities. Now I want to be wrong.

Below is a photo which offers a conundrum [definitely not an aphorism] Why were these two teens voted the "most radical" in their high school class. The hints are there. But IS that radical? Or highly conservative? Any thoughts? Leave a comment. By the way. with the current set up. I cannot reply to comments, so in a way you are safe.

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