Friday, October 14, 2016

Trouble in "Paradise"

For some reason apparently known only to the evil genies that control blogspot, the activity choices I usually find at the top of my blog disappeared and I could not find a way to add posts until this morning. I finally had a  small brainstorm -- we older people who did not grow up with computers are truly babes lost in a dark and tangled forest when it comes to how computer programs work-- I speak for myelf.

I have been quite busy quilting and in the case of the two photos here, being grateful to the Uncommon Threads group for including me in a very nice, and sizable show, along with another group called Fiber Frenzy (not quilters but people who do a variety of other kinds of fiber art) ). The show will run all of October at what is called the Brewster Ladies' Library in the town of Brewster. I have four  small quilts in the show.  In the top photo the snow scene and the electric chair are mine and the big quilt is Robin Mcguire's.

In the lower photo my little Puddle Jumper quilt (with poem on the side)  and the autumn leaf self-portrait are mine. The other  pieces are other kinds of fiber art.  (Both these photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.)  I have exhibited quilts (larger ones in most cases) in big guild shows and been happy about that, but usually felt lost among more striking and often much more traditional works. This is a near perfect size venue -- a big meeting room in a sizable and very attractive library.  The variety of fiber pieces is truly a showcase of craft, abstract designs, pictorial ones and use of a wide variety of materials. The show was thoughtfully and artistically hung by a couple of member of my quite group.  The opening reception last Sunday was very well attended.  Some pieces are for sale,  perhaps not quite half.

I hope I can continue to find the method of posting because I have a number of other photos I want to share.


Santosh Singh said...

HI its is beautiful,thank you for this blog you have done good work on this post keep doing well..

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June Calender said...

Thanks for the compliment and kind words.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Did you appliqué all those people in the snow scene? I just love it . That electric chair on that fabric gave me a chuckle. Nicely done June

June Calender said...

No, I did not applique, I fused -- love fusing -- made the trees doable.