Saturday, October 22, 2016

In October orange is THE color -- here on Cape Cod we get more yellow and orange than red, except for the wonderful flame bushes (they probably have a more proper name but flame is just what they look like).  How can you not love looking at the trees in fall?  At the moment I'm planning a drive along lovely, two-lane, old stage coach road, Rte. 6A.  I love it all times of year, spring is a great joy. Autumn, like today will be wonderful even though the sky is gray and rain has fallen and more is expected. 

I'm on my way to see a Metropolitan Opera simulcast of Don Giovanni. A glorious feast of music  for a gray day.  Some think it's the greatest opera of all.  I don't think that although it is among the ones I've seen most often. We are tremendously lucky to have an idiosyncratic little movie theatre that shows these simulcasts as well as ones from the National Theatre of London and from the Bolshoi Ballet. The interior has a barrel ceiling painted by Rockwell Kent showing young, sexy Greek gods and goddess among stars.  And it has chairs with white slip covers instead of movie seats.  The pitch of the floor is not quite as good as one wishes. I'm going early enough to get a seat from which I can expect a good view.  Although it's not a sunny day as one might wish, it's a "my cup runneth over" kind of day. 

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