Monday, January 12, 2015

The ABC quilt

The alphabet panel with Dr. Seuss illustrations for each letter was a purchase at the Quilter's Gathering show in November. I finished it in time to be a Christmas present for "the kids"-- my three great-grandchildren: Finn, 4, Cole, 3 and Stella 2 in ten days. I wasn't sure whether it would be another  "ho-hum, Grand and her quirks". It was brought from a bedroom so I could photograph it last night and then it was spread on the living room floor. Then a 15 minute session of "can you find B" etc. followed. Both Finn and Cole know all the alphabet and the only problem with finding letters was that sometimes Stella was laying on top of it.

And then Rachel pointed out -- as I had not noticed -- that the alphabet her ends with WXZY.  Well, what can I say? I really have no fear that it's going to fatally mess up their way of saying the alphabet when they get to school

I was happy that they had used the quilt the way it was intended. I read in the current New Yorker magazine about the Mayor of Providence, RI who has instituted a plan to encourage lower income families to talk more to their children because studies showed that the children know many fewer words when they get to kindergarten than kids from more affluent families and it seems to be because the parents converse less with their children and that parental interactions are more likely to be utilitarian and often negative, "don't do that.  Stop shouting," etc. Rarely are the childred read to and they spend more time in front of the TV. 

These children have been read to and talked to almost from day one. They will arrive at kindergarten with large vocabularies -- and probably not thinking the alphabet song ends with WXZY. 


Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Nicely done and they will now always remember their grandma who didn't know the alphabet. :)

June Calender said...

Well, I don't intend to be a typical great-grandma.